Yes on Prop 55

CTA Board Member Greg Bonaccorsi covered Yes on Prop 55, a veteran Bay Area teacher at a junior high school in Fremont who is deeply committed to his community and union work, is serving his first three-year term on the Board, which expires on June 25, 2018.

No on Prop 53

Loren Kaye, President
California Foundation for Commerce and Education

Loren Kaye was appointed president of the Foundation in January 2006. Kaye has devoted his career to developing, analyzing and implementing public policy issues in California, with a special emphasis on improving the state’s business and economic climate.

No on Prop 54

Steven Maviglio is director of Californians for an Effective Legislature.  Can anyone seriously believe these special interests would be advocating for an initiative that would reduce their power?

Proposition 54 is on the November ballot for one simple reason: Billionaire Charles Munger Jr. is using his wealth to pursue his ideological agenda. Not a single other Californian has contributed to it.

Yes on Prop 52

Kevin Riggs, a spokesman for the “yes” on 52 campaign.  The initiative, Proposition 52, would make permanent the “Hospital Quality Assurance Fee,” which the state collects from private hospitals to bring in additional federal dollars for Medi-Cal, California’s version of the federal Medicaid health care program for the poor. The federal government matches money that California puts up to fund Medi-Cal services.

No on Prop 65 & YES on Prop 67

Steven Maviglio

I am voting NO on 65 and YES on 67.

If passed, Prop 65 will require the mandated fee (minimum of 10 cents per law) charged to customers for alternative bags (recycled paper, compostable, or reusable) to be deposited into the "Environmental Protection and Enhancement Fund" (EPE Fund) to be established in the State Treasury and administered by the Wildlife Conservation Board.