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This week on Silicon Valley Voice will have two stimulating guests Bob Bland from Manufacture New York a fashion incubator/factory hybrid dedicated to providing independent designers with the resources & skills to streamline their production process & transform local manufacturing into the most affordable, innovative option for all.  and author Ellen Brown talking about her book “Web of Debt” looking at America’s financial woes and the solutions.  She, also, is the president of the Public Banking Institute supporting the creation of state public banks like the one in North Dakota,

Fracking that destructive gas and oil extracting process has destroyed whole town water supplies and caused the 5.7 (on the Richter scale) Ohio earthquake.  We have Kristin Lynch the Pacific Region Director for Food and Water Watch at Food and Water Watch.ORG.  She will explain in depth the Fatal Fallacies of Fracking which has recently began to ramp up here in California and as of now completely unchecked.  The we talk with Shannon Biggs from Global Exchange just back from a speaking tour around the state on Fracking. 

Then we look at the issue of fare trade, GMO’s and The Green Festivals with our guest Elizabeth O’Connell from Green America.  She discusses becoming a fare trade business and the breaking news on GMO labling at

06-12-13 Silicon Valley Voice Show

We hear from Jim Sauber, Chief of Staff for the National Association of Letter Carriers.  He is a wonderful speaker, who talks about reinventing the postal service and reviving Postal Savings Banks.

I have guest Jane Smith from Occupy Bay Area.  I ran into her at the Public Banking Institute’s event.   She sees public banking as great way to break the strangle hold of private banks.  Appropriate petitions links are on the blog page.

In the last hour we will cover the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement or TPP that would be worse than NAFTA.  It declares war on sustainability, Labor, Sovereignty, and Public Banking.  We will hear from Arthur Stamoulis, and Margaret Flowers Yes, not another trade deal we need to jettison into the Sun.  Who knew we could do worse than NAFTA.

Today we spoke with Mark Beaudreau the crash of the housing market, navigating the current market and what assistance is available for home buyer.

As America's first agricultural fraternity, Grange service to agriculture, communities and the nation is built upon democratic expression and organization. Each member has the opportunity to help formulate community, state, and national policies.  SVV Feb 18, 2014

Yes on Proposition 41 will make $600 million of existing Proposition 12 (Veterans Bond Act of 2008) bond funds available to expand housing options for veterans. Proposition 41 will allow homeless veterans, veterans and veterans’ families who are at risk of homelessness, and veterans struggling with disabilities and unemployment to access safe, decent, affordable places to live, and to access needed mental health, substance use, case management, or job training.

Yes on Proposition 42 - to end funding disputes between the state and local governments that lead to cuts in compliance with open-government laws–specifically, the Public Records Act and the Brown Act.

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"This is not mainly about trade," says Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch. "It is a corporate trojan horse. The agreement has 29 chapters, and only five of them have to do with trade. The other 24 chapters either handcuff our domestic governments -- limiting food safety, environmental standards, financial regulation, energy and climate policy -- or establishing new powers for corporations."

Walter Rowntree and Laura Reynolds head across country in their electric Tesla camping in RV parks as they go.

Interview with Mina Itabashi of Global Trade Watch on the TPP and Fast Track.  She urges we stop Fast Track and push our elected representatives to stop the TPP as well.  See links below for specifics and go to  .....

A true inspiration.

Doris "Granny D" Haddock, died at the ripe age of 100, lived in the woods between Dublin and Peterborough, New Hampshire, made famous as Our Town by Thornton Wilder. She was born January 24, 1910 in Laconia, New Hampshire and attended Emerson College before marrying James Haddock.

Here is the transcript from & audio of the first speech:

How Locals are Fighting Back Against the Water Company and politics in Detroit.  This a panel at Netroots Nation 2014 covered the history that lead to these Michiganders that now have no running water. 

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  6. BulletNo on Prop 48 A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service - In the face of aggressive attacks, a wide range of national and local organizations have come together to create A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service. These organizations are united in the demand that the public good must not be sacrificed for the sake of private investment and profit. A strong public Postal Service is our democratic right. The Alliance is fighting to protect and enhance vibrant public postal services now – and for many generations to come.

I combine Acupuncture with Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy to address chronic pain from old injuries, car crashes, deep surgical scar tissue, sports injuries and other traumas. This work engages the fascial (connective tissue) system in 4 dimensional releases that get to the root and sources on many recalcitrant pain issues.

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matches you with the unique skills, talents, and needs of those who live nearby. Members contribute services in exchange for hours and use those hours to receive services in return. linkAges TimeBank members develop meaningful social connections through giving and receiving help, learning new skills and sharing hobbies and interests.

I Stand With Postal Workers in the fight to keep post offices open and expand hours, for shorter wait time in line, prompt mail delivery, and enhanced services, such as postal banking. Good service is crucial to maintaining a vibrant, public Postal Service that connects residents and businesses in all areas and provides living-wage jobs that strengthen our communities!

Losing a pet can be one of the most painful experiences a person can have. There is much talk in today's world about unconditional love. It would be wonderful if human beings were capable of such a thing. The sad truth is that we fall short of the mark. While unconditional love is probably impossible, it is a wonderful goal and we should continue to strive for it.

As read from their websites, and & other links

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a disastrous trade agreement designed to protect the interests of the largest multi-national corporations at the expense of workers, consumers, the environment and the foundations of American democracy. It will also negatively impact some of the poorest people in the world.

Fresh raw local honey will also be tastier, and more potent. And, when you buy from local independent farmers such as Willow Glen Honey you help keep them in business, which is good for your economy.

Why my husband voted for Bernie Sanders:

The neo-liberal polices which have undermined domestic manufacturing have, also, turned us into a debtor nation.  In Wall Street we trust?

Negotiators announced an "agreement in principle" for something called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), meaning TPP will soon move to Congress for approval. The TPP would expand the same failed "free trade" policies to 12 other nations that have already cost millions of jobs and shuttered tens of thousands of factories across the United States.

Make no mistake: if TPP passes, it will further hurt consumers and cost American jobs. So we must stop it, together.

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Yes on Prop 52 with Kevin Riggs; No on Prop 53 with Loren Kaye; No on Prop 54 with Steven Maviglio; Yes on Prop 55 with Greg Bonaccorsi; No on Prop 65 and YES on 67 with Steven Maviglio

Ponder the Propositions parts one and two, which is an overview of all of them.  Then we have an interview with Eitan Fenson from Yes on Prop 59. 

Bernie says Yes on Prop 61.

Brad Sharpe-Geisler says “We can do Better than Bart”  One mile costs 40 times more than any other solution.  It is a subway style train that is being taken overland though that doesn’t justify the almost $200 million a mile for the new Bart system.  Brad Sharpe-Geisler discusses his research on how we could do Better than BART.  Then he covers the problems with the TPP and why is needs to be stopped.